LADONNA SMITH, violin, viola
DAVEY WILLIAMS, electric Steinberger guitar & objects

This newest 2015 release from TransMuseq once again features the Trans Duo, Davey Williams, electric guitar,  and violinist LaDonna Smith in some of their latest homespun studio work. They have established themselves together as an iconic improvisation duo, creating a near psychic musical streaming, effortlessly funneling deep inside their most natural subconscious, bringing you a fresh version of a very fundamental musical alliance.  Don't miss this latest chapter of their colorful and resilient musical explorations.



LADONNA SMITH, viola-violin

MICHAEL EVANS, drums, percussion, theremin

LaDonna teams up with the diverse extended drumming  style of NYC based Michael Evans. Their inherent  musical theatrics and energetically charged music creates a cinematic soundscape. The viola in all its abstractions and lyricism join the cymbalic & strange object punctuation, drumming and the other worldly theremin. 



DAVEY WILLIAMS, Solo electric and acoustic guitars
steel-body resonator guitar, electric sitar, objects, motors, voice

Antennae Road is the latest collection of the lyrical guitar, portamento antics, multi-track compositions and free improvisations from Davey Williams, crossing the Silver Pearl Strut with The One thing that Got Away! You will delight in the diversity of his watery guitar streams, following the signs and the Signal Rod in Williams hands. Trance Versions at best crystal.


LADONNA SMITH, violin, viola, voice

MISHA FEIGIN, acoustic classical guitar, balalaika, voice

Live high-end recording of Festival performance in Krakow, Poland. LaDonna Smith and Misha Feigin are Stringtrek. Blending the old world sounds, poetry, guitar, balalaika, violin and viola, vocals & poetry in a lyrical improvisational musical menagerie.




    LADONNA SMITH, violin viola
    MISHA FEIGIN, poetry, acoustic guitar, balalaika
    DAVE LIEBMAN, saxophones
    JASON FOUREMAN, string bass

Jazz great and educator Dave Liebman comes together with Russian Guitarist/Poet  Misha Feigin, Alabama based avant-garde violinist LaDonna Smith, and bassist Jason Foureman to create an improvisational exploration into new musical relationships, not necessarily jazz. Recorded in Louisville, Kentucky by the amazing Steve Good.



     LADONNA SMITH, violin, viola
     SUSAN ALCORN, pedal steel guitar

Rare intimate recording of LaDonna Smith and Susan Alcorn. Recording created on an Alcorn summer visit to Birmingham in-home studio, Transmuseq Records 2005.



LADONNA SMITH, violin, viola, voice   
MISHA FEIGIN, accoustic classical guitar, balalaika, voice.

Homespun recording of guitarist and balalaika poet and author Misha Feigin, with the capricious violinist LaDonna Smith. Recorded in Birmingham at Transmuseq Records, 2004



LADONNA SMITH, violin, viola voice

   DAVEY WILLIAMS, Ibanez electric hollowbody, Les Paul

Another Definitive TransMuseq release, produced by the Shaking Ray Levi Society, Davey Williams and LaDonna Smith present their first duo release together in the new CD format, their earlier work previously only represented on LP. Recorded live on tour in St. Louis, Missouri and Sante Fe, New Mexico, TransMuseq Records 1993.



LADONNA SMITH, violin, viola, voice

     Solo violin and viola improvisations recorded on tour in 1991 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in St. Louis, Nissouri and post tour, back in Birmingham Alabama. Her live compositions feature layered harmonics extended techniques, improvised in the moment  - Transmuseq Records 1992.



     Live at Victoriaville 1989

A compilation CD from the Festival International de Museque Actuelle de Victoriaville,  6 au Lundi 9 Octobre 1989, par Radio-Canada, Reseau FM Stereo. Les Disques VICTO. 

Disc features LaDonna Smith-Davey Williams in three cuts. Also featured are Hans Reichel, Paul Plimley & Lisle Ellis,Winds, J.D. Parran & Ned Rothenberg, Maggie Nicols, Lindsey Cooper, and Irene Schweitzer trio.



        LADONNA SMITH, violin, viola, voice
        DAVEY WILLIAMS, electric guitar, banjo, mandolin

A historic TransMuseq release, from their first Canadian performances and second European Tour, Trans Duo performs live free improvisations Alabama style!
Side One, recorded live at Bruxelles' Palais de Beaux Arts, 1979
Side Two, recorded at the Music Gallery, Toronto,Canada's EAR IT LIVE Festival, 1978.
The album is recorded in Hi-fi stereo.



LADONNA SMITH, violin viola voice
DAVEY WILLIAMS, electric guitar, banjo
ANDREA CENTAZZO, drums and cymbals

TransMuseq 4, Velocities, This rare gem is a 1979 recording of LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams while in Italy on tour with Andrea Centazzo. Side One was recorded by Centazzo at his Ictus Studios in Pistoia, Italy.   Side Two was recorded during Centazzos' initial visit to the U.S. in their first collaborative concert,   Live at McClung Gallery in Jackson, Mississippi, 1979.



     LADONNA SMITH, violin viola, voice
     DAVEY WILLIAMS, electric Ibanez hollowbody, Les Paul guitar
     PAUL WATSON, trumpet
     DANNY FINNEY, saxophones
     PIPPIN BARNETT, drums

Alabama's TRANS Duo meets up with Richmond's IDIO-SAVANT: Danny Finney, Pippin Barnett, and Paul Watson in a studio quintet session weekend, a riveting 1980's collaboration of free play and improvisation. The chemistry was right on the edge!  HI-FI stereo.



     LADONNA SMITH, solo viola & violin, electronic manipulation

Yttrbium, Rare Earth, a Table of the Elements release, features LaDonna Smith, in a solo viola, violin, and electronic manipulation foray. Mind spinning viola pyrotechnics, four compositions, previewed on this CD Baby website player.
Limited Edition vinyl release.



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