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Illustrated books by Davey Williams

Davey Williams was not only a uniquely inventive guitarist, but also a prolific writer. In addition to his serious surrealist cartoonist as in Fried Egg, he wrote every day!  There are volumes of essays, poems, treatises on free improvisation, and his memoir entitled Charmed I’m Sure which will be released in the near future. And we are promising even more publications to come. Solo Gig is a collection of stories mining observations and commentaries on life, music and gig experiences. His unique take on reality make this a fun, albeit thought provoking read. We are certain you will find this Davey Williams classic on music as entertaining and funny as it is insightful.

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Solo Gig Essential Curiosities in Musical Free Improvisation

This book is a very fun read in William’s personalized style in personal story form, shape-shifting musical ideas through his philosophy of musical practice.


Which Came First?  The Fried Chicken or The Fried Egg?

Now the story can be told. Seventy pages of cartoons and illustrations.  Great entertainment, be it your kitchen table, your pocketbook, or your out house, a surreal life perspective of the fried egg.